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Microcurrent Positional Technique (MPT) Developed By Dr. Malvin Finkelstein

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National Board Certified: Acupuncture,
Chinese Herbology and Oriental Medicine
Practicing in Eugene Oregon since 1980


Throughout Dr. Malvin Finkelstein’s 30 years practicing acupuncture and Oriental medicine, he has kept one tenet foremost in mind: never let a patient leave until they are feeling better.

His quest to deliver fast pain relief led him to discover new, more clinically effective points and point locations and eventually to develop Microcurrent Positional Technique (MPT), which is revolutionizing pain treatment.

MPT relieves pain and restores normal range of motion to joints in the body. This new method does not utilize acupuncture needles, only microcurrent electricity and hands-on treatment, yet it achieves dramatic improvements in pain relief and range of motion almost immediately.

    MPT combines treatment:
    • At specialized locations of acupuncture/trigger points
    • Using a hand held microcurrent electrical device to relax tight muscle knots
    • With acupressure/tuina to gently stretch tight muscles. In seconds, the tension melts away.
    The “positional” portion of MPT involves positioning the body in specific ways to stretch and maximize access to treatment areas
    The final component is patient education. This involves correcting a patient’s posture and advising on beneficial ergonomic adjustments. Postural qigong stretches are recommended to enhance the treatment and for ongoing improvement at the patient’s home.

MPT offers quick, effective relief for acute and chronic neck, back, shoulder, knee and joint pain, as well as headaches, sinus, respiratory, digestive, gynecological conditions and much more. Patients who are unable to experience relief from other treatment options frequently find relief with MPT.

For treatment of musculo-skeletal conditions, Oriental medicine assessment techniques determine which muscles and joints are asssociated with your condition. Tightness and tenderness in related acupuncture points is released with MPT. This phase of treatment is frequently followed by acupuncture. The combination of MPT and acupuncture gives faster, longer-lasting results. Postural Qigong stretches are recommended for patients to maintain the improvement gained during the treatments.

For treatment of internal conditions, Dr. Finkelstein utilizes Oriental medicine treatment methods including acupuncture and Chinese herbology.