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What Happens During
An Acupuncture Treatment?

At the Eugene Center for Acupuncture, we use very thin disposable stainless steel needles. Since the needles are very thin, as the needle is inserted into the skin, only a very slight "mosquito-type" sting is experienced. As the needle goes deeper (1/4" – 1/2" on average), the feeling is a mild dull ache. The ache will be well within the patient's comfort zone since Dr. Finkelstein has perfected the technique of varying the degree of stimulation depending on the sensitivity of the patient. The sensation typically lasts a second and then fades. Occasionally, when the needle goes into a very tight muscle, it may feel like a mild cramp or a twitch. Some patients describe this sensation as "the needle gets to that deep place that is similar to scratching an itch that has been there awhile."

Needles are typically left in place for 5-15 minutes as the patient rests in a peaceful, quiet room. During this time, there is usually no sensation and patients will often become so relaxed that they fall asleep. In extremely rare cases, there may be some mild bleeding or bruising after the needles are removed.

For patients who are very sensitive and for babies or small children, a different needling technique is used called the tickle-poke. In this method there is almost no sensation. Sometimes the needles are removed immediately and sometimes they remain in place from several seconds to 15 minutes. This type of treatment is effective because it stimulates the acupuncture point with enough strength for sensitive adults or children.

After The Treatment

For the remainder of the day of the acupuncture treatment, patients are asked to refrain from stressful activity that effects the areas worked on. This allows the body to fully assimilate the effects of the acupuncture. It is important to drink extra water during this time.

Taking a gentle 5-10 minute walk immediately following the acupuncture treatment is recommended for most musculoskeletal disorders, unless walking aggravates your condition.

After treatment, some patients are tired and take a nap or go to bed early. For a day or two after the treatment, there is sometimes a sensation of soreness or heaviness similar to after a strong exercise workout. Many patients do not notice any tiredness or soreness.